#mydigitalmaker Champion Schools

About Champion School:

  • Designed to provide exposure on digital technology to students and teachers, the #mydigitalmaker Champion Schools prepares Malaysian students with skills of creative thinking and digital innovation that is in line with the direction of the Industrial Revolution 4.0.
  • In 2018, 22 national schools have been identified and transformed to epitomize all #mydigitalmaker Movement elements such as:
    • Establishment of Digital Maker Hub in school
    • Establishment of Digital Maker Clubs
    • Selection of Digital Maker Champion Students
    • Professional Development for School Leaders & Teachers in Computational Thinking & Computer Science Teaching
    • Participation in digital making competition
    • Awareness on digital innovation

Objectives of Champion School:

  • To cultivate digital innovation in schools
  • To create more digital makers & innovators
  • To prep students for jobs of the future

Selection Criteria for Champion School:

  • National school (primary and secondary school)
  • Secondary school that offers Basic Computer Science and Computer Science subjects
  • Achieved minimum of 3-star in Smart School Qualification Standards (SSQS) for two consecutive years, in 2016 and 2017
  • School leaders and teachers with great leadership, innovative and supportive in promoting digital innovation culture in school
  • Schools that are committed to becoming a Digital Maker Hub and able to mentor minimum of 5 nearby schools
  • Schools have sustainability plans to maintain a digital innovation culture in schools and have strong support from the industry

The Commitments of Champion School:

Each Champion School will be funded by MDEC in phases based on the school’s progress in executing #mydigitalmaker Champion School framework. Listed below are the expected commitments that will be monitored for each school:

  • # of educators trained in CT & CS & # of counsellors trained in digital tech future career
  • # of students taking subjects embedded with Computer Science / coding
  • # of students participating in digital making activities & competitions
  • # of surrounding schools supported & active industry involvement

Framework for Champion Schools :

1. Digital Maker Hub (DMH)

  • DMH is a space that enables digital making activities or training for teachers, students, and community
  • DMH is equipped with diverse tools and materials to invent and embark on digital-making projects 
  • Champion school needs to select a classroom to be converted into DMH following guidelines given by MDEC.

2. Digital Maker Clubs (DMC)

  • DMC are co-curricular clubs that allow interested students to learn digital making skills during co-curricular hours
  • Activities to be conducted in DMC will be based on DMC modules prepared by MDEC
  • Champion schools need to select a minimum of 30 students per club to establish DMC as follows :
    - Robotic Club
    - Computing Club
    - Videography & Photography Club

3. Digital Maker Champion Students (Duta Penggerak Digital)

  • Selected students will be given the opportunity to learn digital making skills such as coding, robotics as well as design thinking skills to become digital innovators. 
  • They will be the school’s Change Agents in promoting digital innovation culture in school.

4. Professional Development for School Leaders & Teachers in Computational Thinking & Computer Science Teaching

  • To ensure educators’ readiness in producing digital innovator students, teachers will be trained by experts in :
    - Computational Thinking (CT) and Computer Science Teaching 
    - Handling equipment in DMH
  • School leaders will be trained and coached by IAB on CT & integrating technology effectively in T&L.

5. Participation in digital making competition

  • Students from Champion School will be mentored to participate in digital making competitions to provide exposure and build students’ confidence in becoming a digital innovator.

6. Awareness on digital innovation

  • Campaign on digital making activities to be conducted by Digital Maker Champion Student to create the culture of digital innovation in schools. 
  • School counsellors will also be trained on promoting digital tech career in digital economy such as Data Scientist, Artificial Intelligence Engineer, Crowdfunding Specialist.​